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About Me

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She/her, Activist, Writer, Investigator, Photographer, Anti-racist, Feminist, Empath

Since I was a toddler, snuggled up with our family dog, my life’s path was clear—to help animals. 


After graduating from college with a bachelor's in Marketing and Business Management, I turned down a corporate gig and got a job as an undercover animal cruelty investigator.


Determined to see for myself what happens inside some of the world’s most hidden industries, I spent years on the frontlines covertly filming abuse at circuses, zoos, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, and research facilities.

My cases hit major local and national media outlets, not because of me, but because people care about animals. I also appear in the documentary Eating Animals with Natalie Portman.


I’ve been in animal advocacy for over twenty years, ran an international investigations department, and, currently, I am the US Executive Director at World Animal Protection. I am also on the board of Liberum. Thank you for being here and for all of your support!

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